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On-Site Catering

Pokey O's catering services

How It Works

You pick your cookie and ice cream flavors, and we will bring them to the catering location. Your ice cream sandwich will be made in front of your guests. We do all the set up and clean up! It's as easy as 1-2-3!


Let us help your organization raise money. We will come out to your event and donate part of the proceeds to your organization or cause. All you have to do is advertise; we'll do the rest!

Catering Options

Pokey O's Premium Package: Your choice of Cookies & Ice Cream individually made into a Pokey O's Ice Cream Sandwich

Cookie Corner: Pokey O's Cookies served on platters​

Wedding Catering Options: We will scoop a lifetime of memories with a delicious ice cream sandwich that will make your guests feel the joy.

Private/Corporate Catering Options: Your choice of cookies and ice cream individually made into an ice cream sandwich right in front of your guests! The combinations are endless!

Catering Pricing

We charge $5.99 per Pokey O's Ice Cream Sandwich

There is a setup fee on the following basis:
0-3 miles from Pokey O's Dallas - $55
4-10 miles from Pokey O’s Dallas - $75
10-20 miles from Pokey O’s Dallas - $110
20+ miles from Pokey O’s Dallas - Let’s talk about it and we’ll figure something out!

Usually our team can serve about 125 Pokey O’s Ice Cream Sandwiches per hour for the price included above. If you want your Pokey O's Ice Cream Sandwiches served faster or over a longer period of time, we’ll have to charge a little more for our staff’s time.

Ready to get started? Just fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to get your event set up. If you have questions in the meantime, please call us at (972) 757-7280. We look forward to serving at your event!

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Meet the Owners

Myron & Fallon Hawthorne

Fallon and Myron Hawthorne became Pokey O’s owners in May 2023, bringing their passion for the southern community to the southern parts of DFW and Johnson County. Serving sweet treats and Southern hospitality, their catering and food truck offers an array of freshly baked cookies and an assortment of ice cream goodness.
Their commitment to quality and friendly service has quickly made their catering business a success. Since opening, Fallon and Myron have involved their three daughters in every aspect of the business, fostering a sense of ownership, hospitable customer service, and financial literacy.

Pictured left: Myron Hawthorne and his daughter